Team M

About Us

From daily work and daily life with children,
we make full use of our experiences.

Members of Team M carry various occupations.
With experts in planning, design, construction, human resources and public relations, we conceive and then take actions.


Business outline Research
Space planning and design
Furniture Design
Workshop design, Facilitation
Awards Received

Kids Design Award Gender Equality Minister’s Award
・Project for social marketing of Nomura

Kids design award Survey and research division
・Design handbook for making the comfortable space enjoyed with children, Basic

Kids design award Construction and space division
・“Sky Kids” , where children can always play safely at Seven Park Ario Kashiwa.

The 35th Display Industry Award
・WNI RAIN KIDS HOUSE” in-house daycare center for Weathernews Inc.
・“Sky Kids” Seven Park Ario Kashiwa

Kids design award Survey and research division
・Research on nursing room at Science Museum


We are looking for companies and partners who can work together to create a place for future children. For details please inquire from the following.

NOMURA Co., Ltd.

Business Development Unit

Development Supervision 1 TeamM

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    2-3-4 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-8622, Japan