Team M


Not only “Child-friendly”, but also “Mother-friendly”

“We used to focus on `Child-friendly`.
Unfortunately, `Mother-friendly` facilities are even less.”
Thus, with our own experiences,
Why not have them realized?
This is our primary motive to build this team.

M in “Team M” stands for both “Mother” and “Movement”.
Striving for building both child-friendly and adult-friendly facilities,
Working mothers at NOMURA Co., Ltd., gathered together.

Fun for kids, for their parents,
For everyone who visits or works there can enjoy every single minute.
For people who are going to raise children, for children in the future,
We built Team M.

We take the challenge, because we are professional.

When going out with their kids,Every single mother may have felt, how more convenient it would be if something can be changed a little. Unluckily, in most cases,There is a wish, but there is no way.As a professional company who can make ideas realized,It is exactly why we take the challenge.

To create child-friendly environment, one by one

Among various facilities NOMURA built,many are supposed to be visited with children.By reflecting mothers’ experiences and perspectives at such facilities one by one,we work wholeheartedly to build a society where children can be faithful to their future.

Parents can be at ease, only when they are confident that their children are enjoying.

No matter how much effort you put on “Fun for children”,Without making sure their parents are at ease,Children are seldom happy.To create a place where children can comfortably spend their time,it is necessary to make the place also cozy for parents.If it is tiring to be with their children, parents tend to be reluctant to go out.It is our duty to lower this barrier.


We are looking for companies and partners who can work together to create a place for future children. For details please inquire from the following.

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